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The spoiler of the 08 Premiership title

Everywhere in Ferguson looking for partner for Wayne Rooney,louboutin, Mourinho, Drogba, African Cup of Nations to worry about endless Wenger a big headache for Henry to leave, Benitez 40 million gamble Torres outside the Premiership four giants , there has been the team has quietly create a gold completely than the front line of the above four giants of North London White Hart Lane fans reason to believe that next season's Premiership title battle, they may no longer be spectators
in accordance with the taste of White Hart Lane fans, Yule is impossible to make the conservative utilitarian football team to play Tottenham served as coach to the formations from the signings, targets only one, that is the goal! especially Seoul familiar with this, from the results of the Hoddle hands of Tottenham pointer after 2003, it has acquired Lennon, the Ye Nasi two quasi-international-class attacking players and the current Tottenham striker with This attack line will undoubtedly become a nightmare for all Premier League defender four
Darren - Darren Bent, English Premier League giants have came with his sex scandal,louboutin pas cher, especially after downgrade in Charlton, Valley golf course will no longer failed to keep the budding England international, but the shrewd Martin - Yule others are still wavering when the first strike, so special to wear the white jersey on this special season for the chalcone Gordon scored 13 Premiership goals, taking into account the Charlton midfield strength of weak Bent 13 goals more difficult compared to Wayne Rooney's 14 goals came
Berbatov, the biggest discovery of the Premier League season for the Spurs, scored a total of 23 goals, Berbatov signed a new six-year contract, and will double the weekly salary of

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Renault and Nissan plans to vigorously develop ele

Renault (Renault SA) and partner Nissan Motor (Nissan Motor) intends to boost the development of electric vehicles, plans to achieve mass production within three to five years.
Said people familiar with the two car manufacturers plan announced on Monday set up a special project, begin testing electric vehicles in Israel, followed by testing in other countries of the world cities.
Renault, Nissan will be conducted in conjunction with SAP AG managers Shixia Er b Agassi Shai Agassi, electric car project Informed sources said, their car will use lithium batteries, can run about 100 miles per charge. Agassi's company would be established in Israel, the battery charging and replacement stations network, the Israeli government will provide subsidies.
current global automotive industry in exploring the energy-saving technologies,louboutin pas cher, such as oil, electricity, hybrid technology and fuel cell technology. Renault and Nissan announced plans to electric vehicle development team will be added to the two generals, the overall strength of the field will be further strengthen
General Motors more than two years has been to promote its work done in developing energy-efficient models, the same time,louboutin, there are six or seven other start-up company also announced a project financing and production planning cell vehicles.
It is one of Renault plan to promising electric cars in some markets, with the rise of fuel prices and the decline of the battery cost.
as Renault and Nissan chief executive of the double long Ghosn Carlos Ghosn, said in an interview Thursday reluctant to comment on the expected announcement next Monday, but he confirmed that the two companies did cooperate car batteries and electric vehicles, and to explore in the idea of ??the densely populated city to test electric cars.
he said, cities need of such vehicles. He pointed out that London is currently levied on vehicles entering the city center congestion charge.
He also said that Renault and Nissan being developed for electric vehicles using lithium batteries,louboutin, is now nearing the testing phase. He said that the two companies believe that the existing products have been close to the industrial production.
Renault and Nissan hope that the earliest in 2010, electric cars in London, Yokohama, Paris and other crowded city to become a popular choice, if necessary, they will work with local governments to make this happen. Renault Nissan 44.3% of the shares held.
two companies Agassi common development projects to solve a key problem of the electric car, that is: If the vehicle on the road when the battery power, the driver how to do? only a handful of similar projects that can solve this problem.
Under the plan, Renault and the Japanese production on the basis of existing models, the transformation produced a small batch of electric vehicles, the price of gasoline models. at least have a Renault Megane models, based on medium volume.
As a result of these vehicles will be sold to ordinary consumers and taxi companies and other users without battery reserve, car driving on the way the battery is dead is likely to appear. Agassi's company,louboutin pas cher, Project Better Place will charge monthly batteries, to provide users with specific charges is uncertain, but Agassi said, in order to save costs than the original petrol
Project Better Place has the risk of investors VantagePoint Venture Partners, and other investors to raise 200 million of dollars the company responsible for the procurement of batteries and operating battery charging and replacement stations.
three companies hope that the green car of the other three, four small market pilot project from the Agassi in Israel and in the future to collect feedback from the market, according to Informed sources said that Israel after Denmark
Informed sources said that in addition to cooperation with Agassi, Renault and Nissan also plans to a small electric vehicle project started in 2010, these projects will be their own from scratch design and production, and share parts.
electric car market a decade to develop into what the size will depend on the cost of lithium batteries can quickly come down. but company executives said, I believe this market will be very large enough to meet the needs of large-scale production.
a long time since the electric car has been considered to be a practical technology, high cost of ownership and a single charge mileage is limited. Renault's management believes that the over the past three to four years, the cost of the battery has begun a substantial decline at the same time, the safety of the battery were also significantly improved. believe that Renault and Nissan, along with the public more and more worried about global climate change, there will be more and more consumers willing to dig into their pockets for the technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Source: Norihiko Shirouzu, Wall Street Journal - Chinese edition, 2008 14:24
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Birthday present from Africa

From Africa birthday gift
the the our protagonist is a cat named Daniel, and he was only 4 cantaloupe, three melon weight, childhood living in Africa.
Most recently, Daniel was glum, because his girlfriend Kitty birthday, but he could not accompany her side, Africa and Europe, far apart, although Daniel is also from Europe, but Africa has become his home, not with his girlfriend together to celebrate the birthday of Daniel these days come down from the clouds.
Bunch do not bow to be able and Daniel say, our protagonist Daniel cat is a photographer, he can freeze the grasslands of Africa's most beautiful scenery in the photo, let people around the world to appreciate.
Daniel is drinking coffee but his coffee is apparently cool on the table has two or three hours, or so much Tieshao of Daniel in the hands of stainless steel coffee cup, stir stir to brown coffee cup Da Zhezhuan Beibi issued a words to himself: head stretched out: heart. in accordance with the card out of the foliage, began to dance in the baobab branches head: ah! me how how nice ah, I, I, I'm going to become the star of the world's babble it, Daniel is worried that his picture can win hh somersault, the firm did not fall down from the branches, giraffe Bunch stretched out his neck, all of a sudden catch the horizon
the cloud is not yet fully dispersed, rolling to the east, floating, giraffe Bunch eyeball has been staring at the top of the East, the horizon was still raining, was approaching the evening sunlight, we put a beautiful rainbow.
Eka, Eka, are you okay? on the ground, afraid of the pain to shut his eyes, heard Bunch asked him to safety, opened, and found that no matter, just the right lying on the giraffe's neck: ; Bunch will be in accordance with the card on the grass, saying: looked and saw the grasslands of Africa Rainbow
, now and Bunch staring at the rainbow hold, the rainbow is so beautiful, the East horizon roll the clouds there is a Road of Lightning, and Rainbow has embraced, a shock to the extreme views, even the animal life living in Africa also have not seen a few times. flying an black specks ground, screamed: the head of the card, it is not seen in an African grassland bird, is loudly shouting: , it should be yes animal, what, about to hit a hh over, looked down to hit the bird on the ground, he was touching his head with wings, the Eka surface baboons jumped and yelled: postman, a postal service company American Eagle, was in Africa it? sea met the storm, gets lost in, afraid that they will crash it did not expect the destination here is not the African savannah monkey bread tree 551? I e-mail to be forwarded to the photographer Daniel giraffe Bunch looked tired like American Eagle, said: jumped out: on the huts. postman American Eagle come up with a letter from the pack, according to the card can not wait to snatch came to see: Eka suddenly jumped on the letter of the baobab tree you want to be submitted to Daniel, American Eagle fly, he can not seen to see the letter of the master letter is lost, giraffe Bunch stare eye horizon rainbow, but also head at the window of Daniel. not drink coffee
desktop too! Daniel one hand under the head in one hand and a stainless steel Tieshao cup upsets the think of Hello Kitty! a pair of lovers separated so far, thoughts always long
squall American Eagle flew into from their outside, too fast, into the house like the house blowing a storm After the quelling of the airflow, American Eagle, said: the end of fall coffee cup. the whole head into the huts
Arab dog face baboon Eka began to dance: American Eagle ah! through the storm on the sea, sent the most intimate surprise for you! babble it! on the African savannah photographer Daniel ah! open letter to see you not win it in the photography competition! finally dance through; dance according to the card, he handed the letter to Daniel,louboutin, but Daniel did not show a very excited look and said nothing, picked up the letter, cast, and looked at the contents inside. very calm to say: that the dancing in the hut: of course pleased to card, However the atmosphere is a little bit strange, Daniel or glum, look like of the listless.
giraffe Ban odd to use the top of the head to live a is being wooden huts dancing baboons in accordance with the card are within the the rotating of forward to in, stopped in accordance with card, two eyes in the eyes li spin: letter, please sign, I would like to rush to other places too! fall under the coffee spoon on white paper, the documents left behind a small group of brown animals
three huts eyes open wide,louboutin pas cher, photographer Daniel this is how ah? very strange today baboons ikat hand touched the forehead of Daniel himself: the top of the body of Daniel, Daniel wake up you, how do you ah? all day down from the clouds? ; three like animals suddenly realized, Daniel went on to say, he sent her birthday a week, but I have not ready for a birthday present! even ready, Africa and Europe so far apart, how to give her? three animals finally understand, photographer Daniel sorrow can not be a surprise to girlfriend birthday.
If I quickly point, perhaps within a week to Europe, you are now ready to gift is not too late! clean rice yellow wallpaper Shanghao big a brown stain: ; Of course, my next stop is Europe, you have to prepare quickly, but you have simply re-name! it is a bit embarrassed.
gifts they good? signing his name, Daniel out of the huts, standing tall baobab tree in the distance, the rain still falling, the sun west, going down the mountain,louboutin pas cher, red passion of Africa. Lightning, so beautiful! better babble it, today is my happiest day, Daniel and I should be happy with hh neck, his dance was over, found himself left the baobab tree. Daniel mind suddenly a flash, and asked: changed just glum expression, shouted: Suddenly elated Daniel, Arab dog face baboon Eka was a giraffe on the ground, began to dance in a circle on the grass, giraffe classes odd, strangely enough, looked at the ground and love the dancing friends. Daniel suddenly come back to front American Eagle asked: even more splendid, he said nothing and went back into the cabin, and the door tightly shut.
babble you, Mrs. Mrs. glad! I want to become a world star, I want fresh African savannah on jump on a night of dancing, babbling. hh Arab dog face baboon on the ground dancing singing, separated far away voice, the American eagle standing in the bread tree looked down, thinking of these animals in Africa can be really strange to grief on the sadness of the powerful, to be happy was delighted powerful want things American Eagle saw their storm damaged wings, and feel sleepy, and think it should take a break, then flew up into the the sky to find a quiet place to sleep
Arab dog face baboon did not jump all night dance, he went to bed late at night, the stars are bright in the grasslands of Africa.
giraffe Ban odd sleep and made a rainbow dream, but dreams have always been the the pound, the sound of a dream, Is this sound is not a dream? Bunch curious fortunate away and found the sound is coming from the cabin of Daniel, but the windows and doors are closed the giraffe Bunch buckle clasp door head, which Daniel not to respond, Bunch head buckle buckle windows, or do not respond.
late are very excited, as long as the opened his eyes, it will to sing a non-stop, perfect in the above, I sing and dance, Daniel win the photo hanging above the stage, babbling you! Bunch replied: like music on the dream stage is really smacking! beat in the house? Daniel said: shouted at them: filled with all those weird stuff, can not be said of their shape, anyway, sharp look. know, or first I said were installed in these monkey bread tree! go to other baobab tree installation postman American Eagle has been restored after a night's rest, spirit, now standing on the top of the tree, baobab tree watching I thought, in the end Daniel to give far European Hello Kitty, what kind of birthday gift? very curious ah, he said that it was the world's most romantic gift, in the end can be a romantic where do you go?
African savannah to the noon sun on hot. a few animal but still streaming with sweat ground will those who eccentric stuff installed in the a the a tree of the monkey bread. from the sky-bottomed carriage that, the the monkey on the the grassland bread tree is like one by one large mushroom, silhouetted against the the forward to the those low-rise the trees is like the a clusters of the bushes the same green. soon, in the afternoon, the horizon began to dark clouds rolling in as soon as it will be thunderstorms and torrential
Daniel Bunch, and Eka standing baobab trees, raindrops under the sky in waves thunder thunder. Daniel invited two friends into the huts, postman American Eagle can not stand the rain, hid in the house. beige wallpaper yesterday, coffee stain, Daniel one day the blue above, there is a change collections of cute little yellow stars. Daniel is a few good friends and guests coffee
direct answer to Bunch's words: it obscured most of the rain. Arab dog face baboon Eka began to dance: ah, it is tough for good a long time, is really very curious ah! babbling ah!
postman, Mr.! disappear just as quickly, soon, those dark clouds drifted to the East, but still the same as yesterday, there has been a beautiful rainbow, and close to close, as if a hand to be able to touch the giraffe Bunch head out of the wood outside the house, he looked at the beauty of the sky, and shouted a friend of the house: American Eagle, the postman, facing Daniel nodded his head, hanging just Daniel to his stuff, and flew up into the sky.
In fact, Daniel's a professional camera to the American Eagle and hope that he will fly to the sky to shoot ,louboutin, he took a camera shot in the baobab tree.
has not started it? phase, but the most touching moment yet to come suddenly, the clouds from afar hoist the Lightning, the white light against the background of the sun rainbow in the sky shine, Daniel quickly press the shutter. dog face baboon in Arabic ikat feel very boring him busy for a long time and what effect did not seem to play Daniel side of the camera aside and said: giraffe Bunch curious to see, said Daniel finally appeared, he finally saw the lightning hit a monkey bread tree on
African savannah, and soon that dazzling light began to in the surrounding monkey bread a tree pass, and instantly the these Lightning will monkey bread tree in series up, actually composed of the the shape of the a one of heart-shaped, but also the These Lightning in front of Huan hangs one rainbow.
; odd giraffe Ban issued a heartfelt admiration.
Arab dog face baboon Eka also seen mouth fell open, how Bulong, the original one installed on the morning of weird stuff is a special Triggered Lightning, Lightning cited in the baobab tree, with each other to pass, then a heart-shaped form in the vast African savannah. ! the heart-shaped shock of the lightning, and with the African savannah rainbow, so beautiful, he felt that the most romantic thing in the world worthy of the name.
finally, all this over to the glory of the sunset and scattered in on the African savannah, like put the animals here all the enthusiasm of all lit
the photo of card rushing to the depends on to overlooking the in the the from the sky the the heart - shaped Lightning and the rainbow of the. the the Americas eagle again in the wooden huts li drink coffee, and, he said, that the Daniel picked up a pen, the Shua Shuashua letterhead to write such a letter:
dear Hello Kitty
already have a good few years gone, I miss you!
now flies okay? I sent you a birthday present well-prepared, I hope you like it!
know it? Although I am far away in Africa, where living conditions and environments are harsh, but as long as the hearts of your life will be very happy. know? nothing can separate us, our love is not enough time and distance to forget you're everything to me, I am willing that you pay all
expectations and you met, to agreed to extend our life, I wish you a happy birthday! after
love you Daniel
finished writing the letter, Daniel stationery folder in the album and gave it to the postman American Eagle American Eagle once again to confirm the address: the outskirts of the town of London, England is it? kilometers away, one likes to wear pink bow cat named Katie? off finished speaking, American Eagle spreads its wings to fly the crimson sky, and soon turned into a small black spot, and gradually disappear.
babble it! baboons Eka began to dance, African gift of Daniel finally sent out his love across two continents and Katie met, babbling! hh
looking at Africa crimson sunset sky, monkey bread tree, Daniel suddenly said to himself: said: Sweet the eastern horizon
African savannah gradually emerged a few stars, Twinkle
the afternoon
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